About the Artist

A bit about myself

I have studied art for most of my life both at college and university. I have explored the world of painting and sculpture. But always specialised in drawing. Although I can draw anything, I have chosen the human figure, It satisfies all of my creative needs. I always draw from life (the model) capturing the essence through jesture and then developing the drawing to the required finish. I experiment with different materials and techniques seeking new ways of expessing the nude. I love to distort and exaggerate but always stay true to the form I love to draw unusual and expressive poses.
Till very recently I have run my own private studios teaching and experimenting. I have also ran life drawing workshops for various groups and institutions.
I am dominated by drawing the human figure and one beautiful model, never ceases to amaze, thrill and motivate me.
I hope you can see and share that in my drawings.

Martin is a well known Australian artist selling drawings all around the world, Martin has just become an author as well with the release of his new book "The Inevitable Arrow of Time" Click here if you would like to have a look at the new book or maybe buy a copy.

Artist Martin Butler